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          Product Information

          New Product ---Black Color Full Light Block Solar EVA Film



          In daily life, people's common light pollution is mostly caused by the reflection of mirrored buildings, which makes pedestrians and drivers dizzy.Since the surface of most solar photovoltaic modules is covered by glass, countries such as Japan and Europe have put forward a new idea to reduce the light pollution caused by the glass panels of photovoltaic modules.
          Sun-B Full Light Block Solar EVA Film黑不透.jpg

          In response to the market demand, our company independently developed and mass-produced black high-shading packaging film in 2018, which is suitable for conventional components and dual-glass components, to help customers save the cost of producing black components in the simplest way!

          Product features:

          1. No overflow flanging

          2. Good shading

          3. Even colors

          4. Low shrinkage

          Our sales number: 022 8217 2293